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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Listen With Your Heart

Just as whales and dolphins are the Earth’s Record Keepers living In the Oceans,
the Trees are the Record Keepers living on Land.

The Trees comprise a “vast underground communication network system that transmits information so that all Trees, everywhere on Earth, know instantly all that occurs. They are the Living Libraries embodied in bark that we, as humans, can easily “tap’ into (note the term “tap root' we can tap into their vast library).

The Trees are open to all, and not closed in their belief systems or ways of thinking They are open to the Universe and to all life around them, and welcome information coming in from all sources and all places.



They have a cataloguing system built right into them that filters and sorts all the information into categories, and then files these categories away for easy retrieval—just like in our libraries—only the Trees do it themselves, automatically, without any help from man-made technology When you open your doors to the Living Libraries all around you, and take advantage of their accumulation and wealth of knowledge that you need in your lives, you can fulfil your missions here on Earth with greater ease and grace.

All you have to do is give intent for it, and it is so. Intention is always the first step, and then consciously connecting and communing with the Trees is the second step, and walking amongst them, touching them, sitting with them is the third step, and voila, it will happen...


...you will be privy to their information and will find yourselves able to tap Into their vast storage system with no effort. It Is that easy This Is the code to enter the Trees’ library

The Trees are stewards of the Land. They give us the oxygen to breathe and we give them the carbon dioxide they need to breathe—It is a complete cycle of living energy— they are our In-breath, and our out-breath gives them their in-breath—if one of us becomes extinct, the other immediately follows. This is the cycle of life that all are dependent on. We all need each other to live, and we are just now discovering this dependency All species are part of this great life cycle, and all are needed to keep it perfectly functioning. It Is the great rhythm of life that we all carry out together


Align Center

All life forms - every single species, every single plant, every stone, contributes to the overall plan of Creation, and without each and every one of us, life will eventually collapse, as part of the biosphere collapses each time a species is lost through extinction due to mankind’s wars and intrusions into these sacred habitats.

The Trees are yearning to communicate with us, yearning to feel our touch and embrace us in their love and energy. We can go to them, talk to them, sit with them, as they stand vigilant over our homes and communities as protectors of our very lives. Talk to them, and they will answer. They have been waiting eons to have humans reconnect with them again.


Make a Tree Connection today!



Responsibility for the

Earth and the




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