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Monday, 16 January 2012

Grateful for...

... the rain


Lately the rain here in Gauteng, South Africa, always amazes me. It's so NOISY! Where are the days when rain gently fell with a soft pitter-patter on the roof, lulling the senses into sleep? These days it's accompanied by high winds, HUGE raindrops that drown out even your voice and wild thunder and lightning beating about the landscape with a viciousness that is quite scary.


Nevertheless, I am GRATEFUL for the rain...


Photograph of my patio on a textured back-ground by Kim Klassen



  1. Well, I am a gloom-and-doomer [ :) ] and it is most likely due to global warming ...

    1. Well, whether we're doom-glooming or not Kathryn, the weather is definitely changing... I know Mother Earth is in a natural cycle of change as well, but I'm sure we're speeding things up with all the mess we're making here on earth... Thanks for stopping by, appreciate that!



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