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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Stay ever-amazed in 2012!

As the year closes I am reminded of how rushed I sometimes was over the past year - many times not stopping to enjoy the moment, rushing on to the next appointment, the next painting, the next blog to up-date. I never make New year's resolutions, but for 2012 I set myself the intention to slow down, sit for a few moments longer enjoying my early morning coffee, stopping at each plant in the garden just a bit longer in stead of just rushing through, making notes of what has to be done and to listen more intently to the sound of the birds, the sound of life happening outside my studio.


in stillness and motion . embrace this day

listen to whispers on the wind ...

become ever resourceful

remain ever reflective

continue ever reaching

stay ever amazed

- Unknown

May your 2012 be reflective and ever-amazing.


  1. What a beautiful and elegant thought, Maree - well worth emulating!

  2. I agree Kathryn, thank you very much for your visit!



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