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Friday, 27 March 2009

"Hedgehog" in Other Languages

Interested in Hedgehogs? Here are some translations of what Hedgehogs are called in other languages.

Afrikaans: krimpvarkie (S.A.)
Tswana : sethlong (S.A.)
Anglo-Saxon: igil or il
Arabic: qunfud
Bengali: kata chua (spikey mouse)
Bulgarian: taralej
Chinese: ci-wei (needle animal)
Cornish: sort
Croatian: jez
Czech: jezek
Danish: pindsvin
Dutch: egel
English: hedgehog, hedge-pig, herichun, urchin
Finnish: siili
French: herisson
Gaelic: crainneag
German: igel
Greek: skandzohoiros
Hebrew: kipod
Hindi: aik parkar ka jangli chuha ("a spikey sort of mouse")
Hungarian: sün, süni, sündisznó
Irish: grainneog
Korean: kosŭmdoch’i
Italian: riccio
Japanese: hejjihoggu or harinezumi
Latin: erinaceus
Maltese: Qanfud
Mandarin Chinese: Cìweì
Norwegian: piggsvin
Persian: kharpusht
Polish: jez
Portuguese: ourico
Punjabi: kanderala ("thorned animal")
Russian: ezh
Slovenian: jez.
Spanish: erizo
Swahili: kalunguyeye
Turkish: kirpi
Swedish: igelkott
Welsh: draenog

FROM Hedgehog Central. Our many thanks go out to all those who have contributed to this growing list of translations - Bryan


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