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Monday, 23 January 2012

The start of a trend?



Hedgehogs were first observed to run in circles in the 1960's and the phenomenon has been reported since. There are various theories about its cause, but none has so far been proved.

However, I've watched my Hedgies running in circles for years and this is what happens : they normally start at a point, say the food bowl, and run a little circle back to the food bowl and the next circle is a bit wider and the next one even wider - this carries on for some time, with Hedgie often doubling back on his tracks and continuing in the opposite direction, even making a figure eight - until they reach a barrier, like the fence or the wall, when it stops and they then continue snuffling around to see what they can find.

This brought me to the conclusion that 'running in circles' was actually a way of establishing their boundaries and heaven forbid any stranger that should enter that circle!



  1. Maree, I do so enjoy your fascinating observations of nature. Your theory on the hedgehog circling behavior really sounds quite plausible.

    1. It is such a joy to observe nature Kathryn, it's MUCH more entertaining than watching people! hee hee! Yea, my conclusion of that circling story happened when we moved and the Hedgies got a new living area, much larger than the previous one and it took them some time to to get to know the area!



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