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Friday, 27 January 2012

Rise and Shine




Hibernation is not continuous; a hedgehog usually rouses for a short time every seven to 11 days. Its body temperature returns to normal, and it usually just remains alert inside its nest, although sometimes it may leave the nest and be active for several days or even move to another nest.

We don't know why this happens; it doesn't benefit the hedgehog, since fat, and therefore energy, is consumed in the process of waking and going back into hibernation. Arousals seem to be spontaneous, but some may be due to outside factors such as flooding, disturbance of the nest by animals or humans, or unseasonably warm weather.
Info from "Everything You Want To Know about Hedgehogs - Dilys Breese"



  1. Great photo, Maree! Looking at those teeth, I wonder of what their diet consists; those are huge incisors.

  2. Ha ha! It looks quite vicious, doesn't it Kathryn? And be assured that they can deliver a nasty little nip when they're really scared! Their diet consists mostly of insects, some of them fairly large and tough, but not a problem for for those teeth!



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