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Sunday, 22 June 2014

When did they change the view?

Sipping my coffee, waiting for the colour to take on my hair, I surveyed my surrounds. Just a couple of months ago, there were three huge trees in the spot where I was now sitting under an 'afdak', a sort of extension to the verandah of the coffee shop. My hairdresser had decided to renovate one of her properties into a hairdresser, beauty salon and coffee shop. I don't have to drive all the way to the shopping mall to have my hair done. Instead, it's a short drive into the suburbs, away from all the hustle and bustle of the busy mall.

I didn't know about it, until I phoned for an appointment and was told about the new address. "How exciting, an excellent idea!" I thought!

I sat looking around and it struck me that I hadn't seen or heard a bird for over half an hour that I'd been sitting there. The rest of the property was also devoid of any trees. All I could hear was the sound of traffic rushing past the front of the property and I felt a pang of sadness that this is what progress meant. The area was neat, walled and fully paved with only a few low-maintenance pot plants here and there. Very chic. Very modern in it's simplicity. But there was no life. Not even a spot for some bugs to hide, no flowers to lure bees and definitely no place for any birds to nest.

There must have been plenty birds living there before. Rearing their families amongst the branches of the three huge trees, providing them with shelter against the rain and shade in summer. And with no regard as to whether there were nestlings or not, the trees were summarily cut down to make place for our comfort, our pleasure.

There and then I lost my enjoyment of the coffee and as soon as my hair was finished, I left. I'm never going back again.



  1. Such a shame Maree. I see so many gardens which I would describe as antiseptic. Neat, tidy, easy to maintain, but no soul. Not really gardens more outside rooms where wildlife seem to be most unwelcome.

    1. You are so right John. I know someone, won't call her a friend, who kills everything she sees in the garden...

  2. Maree, I understand your thoughts exactly. It's so sad how we humans destroy the habitats of other animals to make way for our own. I was devastated, and even cried, the day they came and cleared the bushland behind the house we rent to make way for another housing development. It broke my heart. I posted about it at the following link if you're interested in reading about it - http://tinyurl.com/2vzyku4

    John - I'm not a fan of perfectly manicured gardens either.

    1. Progress is terribly devastating in our area as well Serena. New people bought the smallholding opposite us a couple of months ago and they are busy removing ALL the trees, 21 acres of it! It's one of the few last refuges for wildlife around here. Thanks for the link, I'll pop over and have a read!



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