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Friday, 6 June 2014

Solly's dustbin chook

This is Solly’s chook, one of the dustbin chicks born last November 2013. He’s turned into a beautiful rooster, obviously of mixed blood as his feathers are like those of a Silkie. But what makes him adorable is the fact that he talks to me – whenever he sees me, he utters this whole repertoire of cackles and croaks all the while staring me straight in the eye. He’s also very tame, sitting down when I put my hand on his back and then allowing me to pick him up for a cuddle. Normally all Solly’s chicks that turn out to be roosters are destined for the pot, but I’ve asked him nicely to spare Mr. Chook. (Solly is our mechanic/handyman and he has all these chickens that wander all over our smallholding and usually end up breeding somewhere in my garden.)



  1. He really is a handsome lad!!! I hope Solly decided to keep him from the pot!

    1. He certainly is Kathryn! So far he is still here - out of the 9 dustbin chicks, 6 are roosters, so there's war and mayhem around the garden!

    2. Yea, and only 3 hens, so you can imagine what's happening with all those raging rooster-hormones! Smile! (the ratio is normally about 5 hens to one rooster...)



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