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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Robin babies up-date

The Robin babies as at 9am 4th October 2015

Ever since my Robin's babies hatched a couple of days ago, I've been on tenterhooks, keeping an eye open and listening for trouble. And this morning it seemed like the unthinkable had happened!

I heard both Robins making their alarm call - a sort of gutteral 'chir-chir-chir chir-chir-chir' and immediately I knew there was trouble. I flew outside and there, right next to the Robin's nest on the paving, was the Fiscal Shrike busy killing a baby bird. My heart fairly bounced with fear and I rushed up to her, throwing my arms in the air and screaming at her. I immediately presumed it was the Robin's baby and picked it up, but on closer inspection, I realised it was a Masked Weaver baby (sort of sigh of relief!). There are some Weaver nests just above Robbie's nest and Mrs. Fiscal must have plucked the baby out of it, or else it must've fallen out and she, opportunist that she is, could just have found it. Which is the more likely scenario, because I've been supplying her with enough food for her three fledglings to prevent just this sort of thing happening.

After my initial fright had subsided, I peered into Robbie's nest to make sure his babies were OK and they both responded by opening their mouths wide for me and this time I was ready with the camera!

I think I'll be getting my deck chair and settle in with some coffee and a good book near Robbie's nest ...



  1. Oh Maree, I can just imagine how excited you are about their progress!!! It is wonderful to read the good news here. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you , it's like keeping an eye on grand-children Liz, vigilant every moment of the day!

  2. Maree, you are such a good care-giver for all these wild birds! I'm sure, under your watchful eye, the baby robins will be fine.

    1. Thank you for your gentle words Kathryn, but I'm the bringer of bad news - in my latest post this morning you will see that the Fiscal Shrike got the babies and I'm very sad today...



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