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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Making life simpler

 (Image scsnned from a magazine)

Garden tools displayed at the back door make a nice arrangement as well as being on hand and quickly accessible.

There is nothing worse for me than, when I'm wandering through the garden and I see a branch or two that just needs a quick pruning, to have to go all the way to the garden shed, find the key, unlock the door, and fetch the pruning shears.

Why not just keep it all close and handy and at the same time make a beautiful feature at the back door? An old vintage coat rack with pegs makes an ideal place to keep you most used tools within easy reach - even a piece of wood with nails hammered in will do the job. Display your garden rake and have plenty of baskets at hand for holding freshly picked flowers to take inside. And displaying some pot plants in the baskets makes for a very pretty picture.

Enjoy your ease and comfort and add a pretty feature to your entrance at the same time! 



  1. It really is a very attractive [and functional] arrangement.

  2. Replies
    1. thanks Liz! My front door also almost looks something like this! he he!



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