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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Farm talk - Creative Décor

A wooden Leopard inlay greeting visitors at my front door 

When the creative urge strikes, no surface is safe, not even in my house! I created this wooden Leopard-inlay by nailing together a few pieces of wooden decking slats in a one-meter square, painted the leopard on the boards and then cut it out with a Jigsaw – our builder then threw the concrete floor to surround the leopard, leaving it flush with the rest of the floor. The tail was painted directly onto the concrete before treating the floor.

The concrete floor before being treated with Earthcote 

The floor after Earthcote treatment and varnish 

Having grown up in the house, both Missy and Kiep are quite capable of making themselves at home wherever they please. Yesterday morning I found them sitting quite happily on my wooden Leopard-inlay. Why they would choose that spot is quite beyond me! Maybe the wood was slightly warmer than being outside, our days are decidedly nippy now, and neither of them moved as I made my way towards the door. They spent about half-an-hour there before making their way through my bedroom to have a scratch around in my bathroom court-yard.



  1. The Leopard inlay is gorgeous, Maree, and I love the earthy colors of your floor! And Missy and Kiep look adorable, sitting there, warming up.

    1. Thank you very much Kathryn! This has now become their favourite spot and some of the other chickens are following suit!

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