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Thursday, 10 May 2012

The feeder is full

Lovely Autumn days here in South Africa and the birds are having a jolly time in the garden! Their chattering is a constant reminder of how full of joy life is, and gratitude for the sunshine we so take for granted.... 


The feeder is full 
Overflowing with seeds 
Little birds gather 
Up high in the trees 

Jump, skip and hop 
They fly down to see 
A glorious feast 
Offered to thee 

Chirping and singing 
They fly away quick 
Swooping and flinging 
They peck and they pick 

 Puffed up and content 
They return to the trees 
Watching the feeder 
For the return of the seeds 
- Written by Sarah Sabatini 



  1. Wonderful to read and yes, I LOVE these days!!

    1. Thanks a lot Elizabeth! Yes, May certainly is special for us here in South Africa!

  2. Lovely, Maree. I do love to hear their songs.

    1. Thanks Kathryn and I agree, hearing the birds' songs is really special!



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