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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mommy Bobby and her clutch of 10

“Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral.”
- Unknown

Day 1

Mommy Bobby, one of Solly's hens, chose to make her nest under a truck canopy lying on the lawn in the workshop area of our business, waiting to be fitted on one of the trucks, snugly out of the rain and harm's way. For three weeks the workshop staff waited impatiently (upon my strict threats that the canopy was not to be touched!) as Bobby sat on her clutch of 12 eggs, fluffing herself to double her normal size should anybody dare to come near. 

Then, at about 11am one morning, she triumphantly emerged from under-neath the canopy, keeping her brood of 10 close to her side, much to the pleasure and relief of all in the workshop, who immediately got to work moving the canopy, now leaving Bobby and her brood totally homeless! 

Now I know I was supposed to do this long before the time, but Solly and I quickly scrambled to erect a make-shift new home for them, finishing the coup that same afternoon. At about 4pm, we slowly herded them towards their new home, securely fenced, protected against the rain and a large area where they stayed for about a week before I opened the gate and introduced them to the garden. Now they spend their days happily scratching around in the garden before she leads them home back to the coup at about 4.30pm every day. 

I’m really enjoying having chickens in my garden once more after an absence of almost 2 years! 

Day 7 

Quick make-shift home for Bobby and her clutch 

Bobby seeking safety inside the chicken coup while Chrissie, my gardener, was mowing the lawn 

Happily playing in the garden 

Mommy Bobby and the brood’s new home – 

I placed an old garden table and chairs in their area, where I do some sketching of them, what a job, they’re never still for a moment! 

Camera : Kodak EasyShare C195




  1. Ooooo, lucky you. What a joy to have them in your garden once again. To me it's so relaxing to watch chickens do their thing. Boy you are in for some fast sketching practice!

    1. You are right PJ, a real joy! But I must tell you that the garden has suffered in the process with 15 chickens scratching and doing their thing! I have NO annuals left! But I'm still smiling!

  2. Maree, what a wonderful story and photos! Bobby is a beauty, and obviously a good mom, and her brood is so handsome. You are so lucky to have chickens in your garden again. :)

    1. She was an EXCELLENT Mom Kathryn, they ALL survived and grew into beautiful chickens!



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