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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Amazing winter

A Grey Loerie (Corythaixoides concolor) enjoying some Winter sun.

Winter. I just LOVE winter.

There are just some things that are just better in winter. Like scarves, cuddles, fireplaces, and movie nights in front of the TV. I love the sunny winter days. Gauteng has summer rainfall, so the days are crisp and clear and the Coast has the warmest winter weather in the country with lots of sunshine all year round and warm ocean temperatures even in the middle of winter! And there is no better time to enjoy game viewing (or hiking) than in winter when temperatures are cooler. The bush thins out and loses its colour, improving visibility considerably. There’s no tall grass for the animals to hide in, making for good photographic opportunities.

And warm beverages are perfect for winter. Who can resist cuddling up in a cosy coffee shop, nursing a steaming mug of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate after an exhausting shopping bout?

Summer gives me a headache. Most days are too hot for me - if the temperatures go over 25℃, I've had it. The daily average winter temperature is between 16-24 degrees C (61-70 degrees F), just perfect! South Africa does not do blizzards and snow banks. You will never (except on very rare occasions) find your car grounded and covered in snow. Our winters are just cold enough that you need only add a warm jacket. How much clothing can you shed in summer? And at least in winter you can switch on your electric blanket if the cold gets too much - is somebody EVER going to invent a COLD electric blanket, please?!

So what’s not to love about winter?


  1. It is the height of summer here in Cornwall in the U.K. I love the wildlife too . I stood at the farm gate , watching a beautiful fox in a field yesterday ..there were rabbits there grazing too ..the fox wasn't bothering them ..he just mooched about ,then trotted off into the hedgerow . It was just a special magic moment for me . Sigh ....simple pleasures :) Daisy Debs :) x

    1. Hi Daisy, that is such a wonderful moment you experienced, absolutely amazing! I'm sorry for the late reply, but I've been ill in bed with, first, pneumonia, which then turned into chronic Bronchitis and I have only just surfaced about a week ago. Thanks a lot for your visit, appreciate it!



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