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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Nature is waking up!

Finally the garden is waking up! The first sign that winter was at an end, was the bright splashes of the Clivias, they looked stunning in the shade, providing much-needed colour. Many succulents are also advertising the advent of Spring, some of them flowering for the first time since I acquired them.

My Pleiospilos nelli flowering for the first time

All the garden birds are also more active - the Masked weavers have started breaking down last year's nests and are gathering strips of weaving material from my Windmill Palm. The Fiscal Shrike probably already has her first brood, as she has started following me around the garden, begging for some minced meat, which I duly put out on the feeding table for her. I haven't seen them much most of the winter, was wondering if they're still around. 

My Robbie (Cape Robin-chat) seems to have disappeared, haven't seen him or his wife around at all. Even all my calling has been to no avail. This is very sad for me, I loved having him around and visiting me in the house to get a tit-bit. But ever since the Karoo Thrush attacked him inside my house, nothing's been the same. He started keeping to himself on the edges of the garden until this past summer, when he disappeared completely. I am SO hoping that he'll be back...

So, as they say, Spring is time for pink wine, working in the garden, time for love and new beginnings, cleaning out the cupboards (been there, done that), shopping (not really my thing), getting into shape for summer (not really my thing either!), and time for change. Change is good. I like change. So my resolution for this spring is to work more in the garden, change things around a bit, get my succulents in order (I need to start a succulent garden, I've got far too many in pots!) and clean out the wildlife pond.

What will you be doing this Spring?


  1. Looks like your garden survived the exceptional cold snap very well.

    1. That it did John, luckily it didn't last that long, but the Aloe flowers got the brunt of it.



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