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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Finally! Indian Ringneck up-date

Ever since I spotted the Indian Ringneck parrot in my garden on the 17th December 2014, FINALLY he has condescended to visit one of my bird feeders where I've regularly been putting some sunflower seeds, apples and peanuts for him, all to no avail. Then, yesterday, as I did my usual rounds, whistling and calling as usual and filling one of the feeders especially for him, as soon as I got back to the house, he flew down and greedily started devouring the seeds. Oh my, what a sight! I can't even begin to imagine why now, after two and a half months, but maybe, as winter nears and all the fruit and berry trees are empty, he was hungry.

I quickly rushed to get the camera but didn't go too close as I was scared I would disturb him.

He fed for quite a while and when he was finished, he retreated to his favourite perch, preening and cleaning with the best toothpick in the world, one of his toe nails!

I'm particularly pleased that he seems to have settled back into my garden because, when he arrived here in December, he seemed to be fairly tame, not minding me moving around under his perch at all. Then, suddenly, a couple of weeks later, he disappeared for a few days and when he came back he was extremely skittish and afraid, retreating right to the top of the tree every time he saw me, even flying away across the road into the blue gum bush. All I can think is that he must have had a scary experience, maybe somebody tried to catch him, but whatever happened, it left him wary and wild. But it seems my patience over the past two months has paid off and he slowly seems to be gaining his confidence back again.



  1. What an exquisite bird!!! I can understand why you are excited to have him visit your garden. I hope he stays for a while.

    1. He is lovely, isn't he Kathryn? I'm so worried about him, but won't even try and catch him, his freedom, albeit perhaps short-lived, is worth more than a life-time in a cage.



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