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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A whole new enterprise?

Eggs have been called “the cement that holds the castle of cuisine together.” 

Eggs, eggs, eggs…..I get six to eight eggs a day from my hens and after months of having had them for breakfast three times a week, prepared them in salads, I even BAKED something! I’ve painted them, pricked holes in them, used the shells in various ways, feed them to my girls, given them away and now I’m running out of ideas now. Also, frankly, I virtually cannot face another egg at the moment!

Egg-stuffed Potato

Scrambled eggs


Breakfast being served!




So the only solution is to start a farm stall and sell them – maybe I should plant some strawberries to sell as well….? And maybe some arts and crafts or a couple of paintings…. or a coffee shop specialising in breakfasts.... this could actually turn into a whole new enterprise! lol!



  1. I understand how you feel enough is enough, I really like eggs but comes a time when you just want something else. On our cruise I could and did have an omelet every day and loved them but the last few days I couldn't face another one and had a very different breakfast .... a Vietnamese noodle one and it was a lovely change. Prehaps you could sell some if your on a well used road put a sign out advertising fresh eggs, they will go like hot cakes!

    1. That sounds like a lovely cruise you were on Glennis! And lovely omelettes! ha ha! Yes, I'm now selling them from time-to-time, but they're still piling up!

  2. Goodness me. Yes, there is a limit as to what you can use them all for. Selling and giving away seem the only solutions.

    1. He he! You're right John, and I've now also resorted to giving my girls a lovely snack of scrambled eggs mixed with seeds, oats, the crushed egg shells and greenery, they're loving it!



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