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Monday, 9 December 2013

A new season

A new season is unfolding . like a blossom . with petals curled tightly . concealing the beauty within.
- Author Unknown

Nasturtiums from my garden - back-ground image by Gingerbread Snowflakes
Processed in MS PowerPoint

My Nasturtiums have put up the most spectacular show this season and with summer still stretching ahead of us, I'm hoping to get lots of flowers until about April-May. They are an absolute delight to the insects, with sweet nectar accumulating at the base of the flower, luring ants, bees, flies, and even a few wasps. They also flowered right through winter, brightening up the garden just when I needed it most.



  1. Nasturtium seeds were the first things I planted when I was first allowed my own little plot in the garden. They are such cheerful flowers.

    1. And they are just so easy to grow John! Nasturtiums are always first in line when I start a new garden or flower-bed, they fill the space quickly and you can plant anything close to them. How old were you when you got that first little plot in the garden?



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