🐾 Maybe the reason I love animals so much, is because the only time they have broken my heart is when theirs has stopped beating.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Thank goodness it's Thursday

(Equally thankful for Monday or Friday or Sunday...) 

I am just a bird. Not even a rare one, just a robin on a rock looking up at that big sky. 

And yet, I can fly. 


This week I have been saying blessings and thank you's to the ordinary everydays. Nothing spectacular, yet everything is amazing. The sun is shining and I have friends in my garden. Watching me. Following me. And allowing me to photograph them.

Life is good.


Grey-headed Bush Shrike - a new visitor!


Ground-scraper Thrush


The Masked Weaver was hard at work and not taking any notice of me! And just look at the acrobatics!



  1. So wonderful!! Great pics of your best friends Maree! I so enjoyed looking at all of them.



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