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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dear Miss Peachy... (a letter to my Peach Tree)

Dear Miss Peachy,
I think you are highly confused or there is wishful thinking on your part. We're heading into the cold of winter and there are still autumn leaves clinging to your branches and you are already shooting out new buds! This spells disaster as I've seen it before - a couple of years ago you did the same thing, resulting in no fruit that season. 

Besides your regular watering you receive, we have had good rains this past summer and you were heavily laden with fruit. I think you just want to impress me again with your abundant offerings, but you do not realise the price you are going to have to pay when the first frost appears. 

Oh dear Miss Peachy, please know that I will still love you during your bare-branches-of-winter period and I hope you have a nice, well-deserved rest during the cold spell!



  1. I'm sure your love and care will help Miss Peachy to produce baskets full of juicy fruit!!

    1. Smile! Thank you Liz! But she's of a ripe old age and can be very set in her ways!



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