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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Africa, this is why I live here

I have discovered a great Page on FaceBook and thought I'd share it here with you. It epitomises all that is Africa; the amusing, the amazing, the beautiful, the sad, our beautiful fauna and flora unique to Africa and the day-to-day happenings we experience every day.
All pics and info is from "Africa, this is why I live here.

  Christmas at Mfuwe Lodge - Zambia

These jackal pups played in front of us for about 15min before getting bored and moving off. 
- Anthony and Marcelle Robbins

 Uhm....that lion must be real full...probabaly just eaten the zebras sibling?

Elizabeth Hart - Etosha, Namibia
 I can see myself ensconced in this here 'Beach Lounge' for New Years Eve....... :)

 Dolphins surfing
Maitlands Beach.... outside Port Elizabeth, South Africa

 Broken waterpump - Africa, is not for sissies!

 Paradise Flycatcher

 Time for sundowners...

Morning cuddle in the Kruger National Park

 'Reingers' pulling a Christmas Sleigh at Londolozi Game Reserve

A bit of innovation never hurt anybody

Aardwolf den


You know you are in Africa when.... you have an elephant walking straight towards your car!



  1. So very interesting. The beauty, the amazing, the sad...all of it. Many thanks for sharing this page.



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