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Monday, 30 April 2012

I had a Dove ...

A Laughing Dove in my old Peach tree last winter - a tribute to Flutterby, my little pet Laughing Dove that I was blessed enough to have in my life for 6 months before she found her mate and started a family of her own. 


I had a dove, and the sweet dove died; 
And I have thought it died of grieving: 
Oh, what could it grieve for? 
its feet were tied With a silken thread of my own hands’ weaving. 
Sweet little red feet! Why should you die– 
Why would you leave me, sweet bird! why? 
You lived alone in the forest tree; 
Why, pretty thing! would you not live with me? 
I kiss’d you oft and gave you white peas; 
Why not live sweetly, as in the green trees? 
- John Keats. 


Ink sketch and Watercolour wash on Visual 200gsm 



  1. Such a lovely poem. I long to return to sketching myself...your work is an inspiration.

    1. Aaah, thanks ever so much, pleased you like it Marme! and yes!! Please get back to that sketching! would love to see some of your work!

  2. Always love your bird stories Maree!Thanks for this beautiful poem too.

    1. Rather heart-wrenching... the poem I mean. It touched my heart so and seemed a perfect Ode to Flutterby... Glad you also like it Elizabeth!



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