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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Up-date on Phoebe & Sassy

Since my last up-date on the 26th January on Phoebe, the Allen's Hummingbird, (who lives in a Rose bush in a garden in Orange County California), when Phoebe lost one of her babies, Stormy, I am happy to report that Sassy, the surviving little Hummer, seems to be in good shape. That's her in the nest above, at 25days old today. It seems she's a little behind in her feather development and it's not quite what it should be, but otherwise she seems healthy.

Did you know that the Hummingbird's nest is the size of a golf ball?! That's totally amazing...

You can follow the progress of Phoebe and Sassy at http://cam.dellwo.com/

Phoebe feeding Sassy yesterday morning


  1. How exciting that you'd actually see a hummingbird's nest, let alone get a photo!
    Spectacular! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my word Mary! I have no idea how this comment slipped through the cracks, I get e-mails for all of them! but rather late than never, not so?! Thanks for your comment, appreciate your visit!



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