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Monday, 20 July 2009

Hedgehogs Down Under


Long sea journeys have taken the hedgehog right to the other side of the world, to New Zealand.

From the 1870's onwards, colonists intending to spend the rest of their lives in New Zealand decided that hedgehogs were just what they needed to help them feel at home.

The hedgehogs took to their new country with enthusiasm, and today hedgehogs in New Zealand are probably more numerous than in Britain. But no-one seems to have taken a hedgehog with them when emigrating to Australia or America, so those countries are hedgehog-free zones.


  1. Our echidnas would have been most put out if their spiky dopplegangers HAD arrived.

  2. I guess! Are you from Australia or New Zealand?

  3. Had a squizz at your blog Sally,lovely, and I see you're from Tasmania, Australia. Are those Tasmanian Devils really as aggressive as the TV says?



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