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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A long, fine life....

Jonathan Seagull discovered that boredom and fear and anger are the reasons that a gull’s life is so short and with these gone from his thought, he lived a long, fine life indeed.
- From Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (Richard Bach)


On one of my visits to St. Lucia, way up on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal (south Africa), we were having lunch at one of the out-door restaurants, sitting on the deck overlooking the main road running through the village. One thing that pleased me tremendously is that there were seagulls everywhere - they straddled the railings of the deck, sat up on the roof and walked in between the tables like it was their second home (probably was!)

One chap decided to target me and took his place right next to my chair, giving me the 'stare'. Who can resist that?! Needless to say, I had very little lunch and he left a decidedly fatter and happier customer!


Camera: FujiFinepix 2800ZOOM



  1. I am happy to hear you BOTH had a good lunch!

    1. Ha ha! It certainly was worth it sharing my lunch Kathryn, he looked totally satisfied when he left!



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